Friday, April 22, 2011

For the Love of Freebies

I love free stuff. Absolutely LOVE it. But I think that is a common sentiment. Those who say they don't like free stuff are either lying or really, really crazy (and not the good kind, mind you). My favorites are full-sized items or free product coupons. But whatever the freebie is, it's more than welcome in my house.

It's especially fun when you sign up for freebies so often that you forget about them. Then when the mail comes it's like Xmas day. You have NO idea what the envelope/box contains, and the excitement is overwhelming (ok, so maybe not quite overwhelming).

For Earth Day this year I got a fun freebie. I brought in a partially used facial cleanser, and the gals at Origins gave me a free, full-size facial product. I used it and for the first time ever, my skin actually -felt- clean after I washed it. Whether or not it dries out my skin like so many other cleansers remains to be seen. But so far, two thumbs up.

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