Saturday, April 23, 2011

Delights of the Dessert Variety - Cherry Clafouti

I absolutely love to bake. Making sweet treats for friends and family to enjoy is like a drug to me. Searching the web, perusing my cookbooks, and ultimately finding something new to experiment with is something I thoroughly enjoy. Of course, if I baked as much as I'd like to, I would be constantly gaining weight at an alarming rate. So I save my goodies for special occasions and get-togethers. Tomorrow is Easter, so I have been searching for the perfect recipe to try out.

I've come up with Cherry Clafouti, which I found HERE. The recipe is pretty simple and straightforward, but it looks absolutely mouth-watering. Mine turned out alright, I suppose -

Lets hope the Taylor Clan finds it to be as tasty as I hope it is. Will report back with details after it has been devoured...

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