Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby Steps - One Must Crawl Before Running a Marathon

One of my many flaws is that I sometimes dream dreams bigger than I can achieve, at least not as quickly as I'd like to. I get ridiculously excited and dive in head first. Things are going great in the beginning. But soon I begin to feel overwhelmed. I had done too much too quickly, and get burned out. But instead of simply cutting back a bit, which would be the logical thing to do, I find it easier to quit. Why? I'm not exactly sure. But it's what I tend to do and I am aware of it.

So I am attempting to take a different approach to my workout and weight loss efforts this time around. I am sticking my big toe into the water and easing myself back into things. I'm hoping that through taking it slow I can keep myself motivated and stick with it for the long haul.

This is about more than just the weight loss. I am in need of a lifestyle change, a complete overhaul of my day to day. My health suffers, my quality of life suffers, everything about me suffers the longer I allow things to continue. Therefore, I am taking baby steps to get me where I need/desire to be.

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