Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First BzzAgent Campaign -

Completed my first BzzAgent campaign for a site called, which is a social networking hub. You create a profile with and you can connect your friends and readers to your Facebook page, Flickr account, Twitter page, or blog just by sharing a link to your profile page.

The site itself is pretty easy to navigate. You are able to customize various aspects of your profile. Stock profile images to select from are slim pickings. So if you want something more interesting, it's definitely best to use a personal photograph. There is a 'biography' section, but not a lot of room to write much about yourself there.

The concept behind the site is pretty cool - connecting all your sites in one central location. But there are applications that currently do that (or very similar), so it's not particularly unique. However, there is definitely potential there.

It's worth checking out for sure. And if you sign up today they can receive a free pack of business cards from MOO. Check my profile out: and sign up at

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