Monday, May 30, 2011

The End is Coming!

No, I'm not talking about the end of the world, a zombie apocalypse, or the supposed 'rapture'. I'm referring to the end of all things baby in this house. Monster is now working on potty training. For good. He's been back and forth about using the potty for almost a year now - some days using it almost exclusively, while other days he flat out refuses.

A week ago I hit a breaking point. I decided I was NOT going to buy anymore diapers (that's not entirely true, but I'll touch on that in a moment). Monster is almost three and a half now. He understands how to tell when he needs to go and whatnot, and he is definitely old enough to be done with diapers.

All things considered, he's been doing pretty well with it. We use underwear exclusively during the day. And during the night he wears a pull-up, as mama isn't quite ready to deal with the stresses of night training. A couple accidents (which are to be expected), but nothing too messy or untimely so far.

So this mama is happy dancing. I am so ready to be done with diapers. They're expensive, gross, and a big pain. They are the last remnant of the baby days, and I look forward to their departure. Once monster is completely done with diapers (day and night), we are throwing a party!

Coming up later this week... I found a potential way to make some extra scratch on the side online. I'm going to test it out and share my thoughts.

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